Quality and Environmental Policy

Using Technology

i2 Security Ltd operates in a market where our customers expect a high degree of technical expertise and innnovation.  The Company deploys state-of-the-art technology to provide solutions to a diverse range of access and monitoring problems.  Ever-increasing sophistication brings new challenges but the wise choice of equipment and technology suited to clients’ needs, ensures that we provide appropriate resolutions.


In the competitive electronic security market in which we operate, efficiency and cost effectiveness is vital to the health of our business, where expectations for high standards of workmanship and reliable after sales service are crucial.  To further maintain our high reputation and enhance our credibility, regulatory aproval through the NACOSS scheme is maintained, in which the Company operates to a quality management system modelled on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and NSI Quality Schedule SSQS 101 for the installation and maintenance of security systems.  There is a commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, together with a concern for the impact of the business on the wider environment. 

Customer Satisfaction

An inherent part of our quality management system is to identify and understand our clients’ needs and ensure that these are met consistently.  Client satisfaction is continually strived for through:

  • use of appropriate equipment for specific risks
  • ease of use
  • high reliability
  • net workmanship and care for property
  • after-care and prompt response to call out.

Business Ethos

Continual improvements in business efficiency are sought through the use of technology and monitoring key performance indicators such as complaints and avoidable repeat calls.  Our business ethos is to operate in a culture where traditional quality of service matters, thus providing a virtuous circle of excellence. 


We care about the environment and recognise that concern for it should always be an integral part of the our business ethos.  We are therefore committed to:

  • undertaking the performance of our duties in a way that minimises any associated environmental impact
  • complying with applicable environmental legislation
  • reducing consumption of energy and materials and promoting recycling, especially of paper, plastics and metals
  • a company-wide awareness of WEEE Regulations, and the safe disposal of electrical and electronic equipment that has reached the end of its operational life and has been removed from service
  • ensuring that all personnel are aware of this policy and encourage them to seek imaginative ways of improving it.