Access Control

Access Control is at the core of any security infrastructure.  All businesses have a requirement to control and monitor access in order to protect its assets.  Essentially Access Control Systems enables authorised personnel to have access whilst at the same time restricting access to others.  Electronic access control offers the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building.

These systems can also be an excellent management tool when incorporated with additional features such as time and attendance functions and can be integrated with payroll and car parking systems.

i2 are skilled in assisting with the selection of the most suitable technology for controlling access within your business.  We can offer unbiased advice on the various systems available to you and will guide you in the selection process based on our extensive experience.  Additionally i2 Security will assist with the migration from an existing to a new system.

Some of the systems available to you are:

  • Smartcard (Mifare and Desfire technology) readers;
  • Proximity reader;
  • Magstripe reader;
  • Pincode entry;
  • Long range readers;
  • Biometric readers; and
  • Intercoms for visitors including audio and visual systems.


We offer the following services in Access Control Systems and Smart Cards:

  • Door Access Control Systems including:
    • Single door solutions;
    • PC based single site solutions; and
    • Multi-site central server systems.
  • Integration with ANPR, turnstiles vehicle barriers and gates;
  • IP and conventional video and audio intercom systems;
  • Remote lock / unlock capability;
  • Door Entry Systems (standalone and wireless):
    • Hardwired single door solutions; and
    • Fully networked digital systems
  • Biometric technology;
  • Facial recognition;
  • Intruder Detection systems
  • Remote monitoring of systems
  • Vehicle Entry and Car Park Systems:
    • Integration with CCTV, Access Control and ANPR systems;
    • Barrier installation;
    • Gate automation;
    • Rising bollards and kerbs