i2 Security have extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining both monitored and standalone CCTV systems.  All of our systems record onto digital recorders which have substantial benefits including flexibility and increased recording times; therefore being wholly compliant with our client’s Data Protection Policies.

CCTV is becoming an increasingly popular tool against crime prevention and allows our clients secure remote surveillance access from anywhere in the world.

Monitored CCTV Systems

This system is the most effective at crime prevention as it operates fully for 24 hours enabling trained professionals to deal with incidents as and when they occur.  These systems automatically detect intruders and site staff or a mobile response unit can be alerted and in most cases prevents any further damage or loss to your business.

Standalone CCTV Systems

This is a popular option with many clients and i2 Security can offer a wide variety of systems.  We have experience in installing and maintaining systems from small domestic systems, wireless technology systems to large multi-site IP networked systems.  Additionally we have available to us a diverse range of sensor systems and have the ability to integrate these systems with other security features such a motion detection and Automatic Number Plate Recognition. 

We offer the following services in CCTV Security Systems:

  • CCTV design, installation and maintenance;
  • Networked IP systems using megapixel technology, the latest video compression, HD video, open protocol and analytics software;
  • Remotely monitored systems incorporating
    • Alarm management
    • Remote access control
    • Lone worker monitoring
    • Live audio warning systems using network
    • ADSL
    • 3G transmission
    • Wireless IP camera technology
    • Standalone digital recording systems;
    • Integration with Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS); and
    • Covert Cameras.